26 noviembre 2015

14 octubre 2015


Ready for the Frankfur 2015 Book Fair. And soon in books stores in Spain. really happy about it

09 octubre 2015

Miles of Smiles

This is an illustration of Miles of Smiles, the third book I've done this summer. It talks about how your attitude and behavior can change your own environment. It will be published next year in the US by Sterling Ed.

01 octubre 2015

The bonsai pruner

El podador de bonsáis, The bonsai pruner, is a book with a beautiful minimalistic text by José Campanari that whispers like a haiku. It talks about roots, backgrounds, traditions, growing up and becoming an adult. Halfway between melancholic and funny, it will be edited in Spain this Autumn by Tres tigres tristes.

Mind the map

I'm on @Mindthemap A beautiful book by @gestalten �� #lucianolozano #ilustrista #illustration #ilustración #children #childrensbook #maps

21 agosto 2015

The bonsai pruner

I have finished The bonsai pruner after many years, and many versions during this time. It will be published in Spain in October by Tres tigres tristes Ed. Thanks to the editors, and to José Campanari for the beautiful text. It's the third book I've done this summer. I really need a holiday now.

14 agosto 2015

The bonsai pruner

These days I'm working on the last book I'm doing this summer until my well deserved holidays in September. This is for The Bonsai pruner, that will be finally edited in Spain in october by Tres tigres tristes. It seems like I'm traveling to Japan with Yoshi and his family.

01 agosto 2015

Una vaca

Una vaca (A cow) A beautiful text by Juan Arjona. Edited by A buen paso in Spain. Out in the winter

12 julio 2015

Una vaca

I've finally finished one of the projects I've been working on these last months. This is the first finished illo of A Cow (Una vaca). It will be edited by A buen paso Editorial House in the winter. I'm quite happy with the result.

05 julio 2015

18 junio 2015

06 mayo 2015

I (Don't) like snakes

My first copy of the book I (Don't) like snakes by Nicola Davies that I illustrated arrived yesterday by mail. It'll be edited by Walker books in the UK in September and the USA and Australia in September. Looking forward to it :)

30 abril 2015

22 abril 2015

21 abril 2015

I don't like snakes, by Walker books

This is an alternative cover for I don't like snakes, to be edited by Walker Books in July in the UK and September in the USA. Looking forward to seeing it in print.

12 marzo 2015

Flow Magazine

I picked-up an issue of Flow magazine from the Post office. It's an honour to be part of it, surrounded by so many beautiful illustrations.

09 marzo 2015


Today starts the campaign for IDEO School in Madrid. I did the illustration and hand lettering.